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We CAN Change the World

New Democracy works for democratic revolution. Welcome to our website! Please take this opportunity to explore and please share what you find with friends, family and coworkers.

Most Americans want a society based on real democracy and equality and on the solidarity and friendship that already exist among ordinary people.

But ordinary working people do not run the show. More and more, our world is dominated by a small group of extremely wealthy individuals who control the big corporations and the government and impose their values of competition and greed on the rest of us. Capitalism, like communism, is incompatible with real democracy.

We need a revolution to defeat this undemocratic elite and build a better society. Revolution is possible because people are already trying to change the world when they defend and promote their values in their everyday lives. The constant effort of ordinary people to do the right thing - to stick together, to share what they have, to listen to and help others, in spite of the persistent messages of capitalism to just "look out for number one," is the realistic foundation for a new world. The logic of extending this effort to all of society is revolution. This is the struggle that will define the 21st century and inspire hope of a better future around the globe.


Bangladeshi Trade Unionists Stand in Solidarity with Workers in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Elsewhere

Bangladeshi Trade Unionists Stand in Solidarity with Wrokers in Wisconsin, ohio, and Elsewhere




We CAN Change The World: The Real Meaning Of Everyday Life (pdf) by David G. Stratman, now for the first time available online. The book: (a paperback is also available for $3.00 plus $2.00 s&h.) (Chapters (html) from We CAN Change the World concerning Marxism: Hope and Revolution, Communism and Counterrevolution and From Marx to Lenin.)

We CAN Change the World


The People As Enemy: The Leaders' Hidden Agenda in World War II, by John Spritzler, challenges the "Good War" myth about WWII.

The "War on Terror" purports to be a "good war" just like World War II. But was World War Two in fact a "good war"?  This book says "NO."

Available from (U.S)(Canada) (U.K.) (France) (Japan) (Austria) (Germany)

Contact the author of The People As Enemy, John Spritzler, at his email address:

 The People as Enemy



TURN THE WORLD UPSIDE DOWN: John Spritzler's blog

REAL DEMOCRACY = ORDINARY PEOPLE MAKE THE LAWS: a blog to replace the state Legislature with 100 randomly selected adult residents of the state serving terms of just one year, designated the Commonwealth Jury, that will have all the legislative and other powers of the current Legislature.




Click here to read about the inspiring Christmas Truce during World War I

Some thoughts about the Christmas truce

Evidence of another WWI Christmas truce between Canadian and German soldiers


German and Russian soldiers fraternise on the Eastern Front 

German and Russian soldiers fraternise on the Eastern Front




The U.S./NATO war on Libya is not motivated by humanitarianism.

Libya: What America's Media Won't Report
by Stephen Lendman

Libya: It's Not About Oil, It's About Currency and Loans, by John Perkins

63% Say U.S. Should Stay Out of Libya Crisis -- New Democracy agrees with the majority of Americans--U.S. /NATO (and CIA) Get Out of Libya

The truth about the present revolutionary uprising in Libya by Lucha de Classes

Venezuela and Libya: it is not an April 11 coup, it is a February 27 Caracazo by Jorge Martín

Gaddafi Is No Anti-Imperialist, by John Spritzler

A Realistic Solution to Illegal Immigration by John Spritzler

What Should American Workers Do About Illegal Immigration? (.pdf) A New Democracy leaflet

Reform Congress?, by John Spritzler

Israel Charny, director of the Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide in Jerusalem and former editor of the Encyclopedia of Genocide, acknowledges that Zionists committed genocidal massacres and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by John Spritzler (this includes a copy of The Jewish Daily Forward article reporting on Israel Charny's views.)



Egypt and the China Syndrome, by Dave Stratman

Inside Job is an Inside Job: A Misleading View of the Economic Crisis, by Dave Stratman

How Progressive Ideas Protect Inequality, by John Spritzler

The Root of the Mid-East conflict and the reason our government supports Israel's government, notes for the speech given by John Spritzler at the Watertown public library

Moral Debts and Ethical Deficits by Frank Scott

BP Lays Waste to the Gulf. Corporations Lay Waste to America
by Dave Stratman

She Spoke Truth to Power, by Dave Stratman in defense of Helen Thomas

Goodbye to Social Democracy? by Dave Stratman

PTSD, infertility, and other consequences of war by Bob Nichols

Assassination by Government: An Exchange by Dave Stratman

Refuting Israel's "We don't kill civilians on purpose" argument  by John Spritzler

Stop Iran's Execution of Three Gay Teenagers by John Spritzler

Whose Side Are Richard Goldstone and Bill Moyers On? by John Spritzler

Liberalism's Contempt for the Welfare of Children by John Spritzler

Race and Class in Civil War Mississippi by John Spritzler

The White Cop and the Black Professor by John Spritzler

Beware of Cost-Cutting Health Care Reform by John Spritzler

Whom Should We Support in Iran? by John Spritzler

Bank Credit Versus Solidarity by John Spritzler

"Two State Solution" Equals Racism: Palestinians and Jews CAN Live Peacefully as Equals in One Democratic State by  John Spritzler

Obama's Afghanistan War: Morally Wrong, or Incompetently Waged?, by John Spritzler

Is It Realistic to Demand the Right of Return of Palestinian Refugees? by John Spritzler

The Israel Lobby's Power Comes From the American Ruling Class by John Spritzler

Banning Cigarette Sales, and Class Inequality by John Spritzler

Public Comment at the Hearing of the Energy & Utility Regulation Committee of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, February 17, 2009 to accompany power point presentation: Nuclear Power – Health and Safety Issues by Morton Skorodin, M.D.

The Madoff Ponzi Theft:  Schadenfreude, Not Anti-Semitism by Daniel McGowan

Addiction and Control, by Morton Skorodin, M.D.

The Great Fear of Israel's Leaders by John Spritzler

Why Israeli Leaders Love Qassam Rockets: A Reply to Michael Neumann by John Spritzler

Why Is Israel Killing Gazans? by John Spritzler

A New Path For Israel? by John Spritzler

"Why They Voted For Obama But Against Same-Sex Marriage" by John Spritzler

Paulson's Bailout and the Great Tradition by John Spritzler

Jimmy Carter: Friend or Wolf in Sheep's Clothing? by John Spritzler

U.S. Nixes Israeli Attack on Iran: Dog Wags Tail? by John Spritzler

There is no evidence that Muslims hijacked planes on 9/11 by Elias Davidsson  (see this too)

"Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage: What is at Stake?" by John Spritzler

The Tactic of Calling People Anti-Semitic by Amy Hendrickson

Help Put Question X for Real Democracy on the Ballot in 2008 (pdf)

The Israel Lobby and the "National Interest" by John Spritzler

Israel/Palestine: "It's Complicated!"...Or Is it? (pdf) by John Spritzler

Somerville Divestment Project's leaflet: Why Our Government Supports Israel's Government and Why We Shouldn't (pdf)


How Can We End the U.S. Government's Pro-Israel Foreign Policy?, by John Spritzler

Unethical Media Coverage of UK Events, by Elias Davidsson

Democracy in the United States? Fugetaboutit! by John Spritzler

Azmi Bishara and Muslims Worldwide Say No to Attacks on Non-Combatants, by John Spritzler

Why Israeli Anti-Zionists do NOT “recognize the right of the State of Israel to exist as a Jewish state" by Henry Lowi

Video of Zionist ethnic cleansing going on today in Palestine, carried out by the Israel government that once claimed to have "made the dessert bloom" but now uproots trees Palestinians depend on for their livelihood.

One State is Not Snake Oil: A Reply to Michael Neumann by John Spritzler

"Affirmative Action -- or Class Solidarity?" a New Democracy flyer

Why Our Government Supports Israel's Government and Why We Shouldn't, (.pdf) a New Democracy leaflet (intended for distribution in Massachusetts)
See related background articles: SHOULD THERE BE A JEWISH STATE?

Albert Einstein Quotations Opposing a Jewish State,



Rocket Attacks on Israeli Civilians

Why "Pick On" Israel? Here's Why

  What about the Israel Lobby?

Bibliography on this topic, with pro- and anti-Zionist authors

What Should American Workers Do About Illegal Immigration? (.pdf) A New Democracy leaflet