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October 6, 2004

An Open Letter To Ralph Nader


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War Stories

December 23, 2003

from New Democracy

Our government sent 160,000 troops to invade and occupy Iraq in a war based on lies. The Democratic Party and the media have been fully complicit in this criminal aggression. Meanwhile the government makes war on working-class Americans. It gives tax cuts to the wealthy, attacks pensions and health care, and ships jobs overseas.

This war exposes the huge chasm between our system and real democracy. In a real democracy, people would be truthfully informed, not systematically lied to, by their government. We would be encouraged to debate peace and war fully. Our young people would not be sent to murder other innocent people in the name of "liberating" them.

We live in a fake democracy, a government of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich.

Now the rulers are using the 2004 presidential campaign to keep us from seriously questioning the system from which have sprung this and countless other wars and social wrongs, pretending that electing Dean or Kerry or Kucinich will change society. The elections are designed to create an illusion of democracy to prevent real democracy from emerging.

Politicians are front-men for the system. To challenge the system we need to take away the system's lifeblood: the illusion of democracy. We need to refute the lie that our government represents us. Therefore we call for Mass Refusal to Vote in the 2004 presidential elections.


We the people are constantly told to look to politicians and officials as the force for change. We are encouraged to be passive consumers, not informed actors shaping society. But to make real change, we must look to ourselves and each other as the source of political power.

In a movement for Mass Refusal to Vote and real democracy, we can find in ourselves and friends and communities the power to move mountains and the vision for a better world.


  • Because we live in a fake democracy run by war criminals and servants of giant corporations;
  • Because our government attacks the values and livelihood of ordinary people;
  • Because the Republicans and Democrats collaborated to bring about a war of aggression;
  • Because the elections provide only the illusion of democracy;
  • Because democratic change will only come about through a mobilized people;

I agree not to vote in the 2004 presidential election and work instead for real democracy.


Note: Affiliations are given for purposes of identification only.

  • Carol Doherty, Editor, New Democracy and former President, Massachusetts Teachers Association
  • Doug Fuda, Editor, New Democracy, Boston
  • Tom Laney, Editor, New Democracy, Menomonie, WI, retired autoworker, UAW Local 879, and former 82nd Airborne
  • Jim Luken
  • Al McKinnis, New Democracy, UAW Local 879, St. Paul, MN and former USMC
  • John Spritzler, Editor, New Democracy, Boston
  • Dave Stratman, Editor, New Democracy, Boston and former Washington Director, National Parent-Teacher Association

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  • Copy and distribute this Call. Sign it yourself, collect other signatures, and send us the names.
  • Hold teach-ins about the war and the attack on working people here at home.
  • Ask organizations, clubs, and religious groups to discuss and debate this proposal.
  • Have a coffee at your home to discuss what's happening in our country and how to change it.
  • Invite a speaker from New Democracy to your event, no matter how large or small.
  • Contribute money to this campaign for printing and travel expenses and for radio and TV ads.

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