To Whom this may concern:
My name is Terry Rogers. During school a few days ago I wrote this poem, I Remember, because I was watching a movie about the Vietnam War in Social Studies. This hit me, it just started flowing, and I showed it to my teacher the next day. He was impressed about the comparison of then and now. Then I showed it to my English teacher, who is also the Creative Writing teacher in my school. She too was impressed, because she never knew I liked to write poetry. She was also amazed about how well it was written. She being a right-wing conservative also made it seem even more impressive. Here is my poem: I Remember.

I remember, years ago,
That together we stood,
As brothers at arms,
Against those with.

I remember how we stood,
With our signs held proudly,
Shouting words of protest,
Though, nowadays we'd be Terrorists.

I remember the soldiers,
Who threw their honors,
Into the crowds they fought for,
Because they fought alone.

I remember the tears of mothers,
who gave their sons for freedom,
But were lost in vanity,
For they died with no reason.

I remember these things,
Not because we failed,
But, that we failed,
Because we didn't learn.

I remember our window to the world,
Where children died for their home,
Which lays miles upon miles away,
For a reason not of their own.

I remember when our soldiers,
Fought for truth and justice,
And not for the lies of politicians,
And those who rule because of greed.

I remember when we lost,
Lost our right to be free, Because a man said, "It's for your safety,"
Though, danger lurks in more shadows than before.

I remember when it was said,
It is all for your freedom,
But it has lost its light,
That freedom died without a chance.

I remember when fear
Wasn't a weapon to use,
On your trusted people,
Whom you swore to protect.

I remember waking up in the morning,
And knowing that this world has a chance,
A chance that nowadays doesn't exist.
Because now peace is not an option.

I remember when we lived in peace,
And not traveling war to war,
Country to country,
For some personal crusade.

I remember the day,
When Hell rained down,
And Angels had left us,
But God never lied for personal gain.

I remember the fear that ran through me,
As you and other had too,
And I cried over the lives,
Just the same as you.

I remember my heart,
and how faint it beat,
For those whom lost loves,
And my heart exceed forward to you.

I remember that once life seemed so simple,
And that this dream was free,
Though, itís amazing how fast it will die.
When one forgets how life used to be.

By: Terry Rogers
04/19/06 Age: 17
Fairmont, West Virginia

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