A New Democracy Flyer

Many Americans are confused by the Bush Administration's calls for war on Iraq. The President calls Saddam Hussein, dictator of a country whose army was destroyed in four days by the U.S. in 1991, a major threat, but refuses to present evidence that Iraq has any "weapons of mass destruction" or the means to deliver them. Bush calls Hussein a thug who used poisoned gas against Iran and his own people, but neglects to mention that Hussein was an ally of the U.S. at the time (1988) and had U.S. support for his actions. Besides, the U.S. has never been shy about supporting thugs and dictators.

Why would the U.S. government invent reasons for a war in which many thousands of Iraqis and hundreds or thousands of Americans may die?


Greed is the most obvious motivating factor. Iraq sits atop 112 billion barrels of oil, the second largest reserves in the world. U.S. oil companies have been cut out of exploiting Iraqi oil since 1990. According to the Washington Post, "A U.S. ouster of Hussein could result in a bonanza for American oil companies long banished from Iraq." The State Department is already using rights to Iraqi oil as bargaining chips to win endorsement of U.S. military action from UN Security Council members. (9/15/02)


But there is much more to this war than the greed of oil companies. War is the next, most dangerous step in a thirty-year corporate strategy of social control.Ever since the world revolutionary upsurge of the 1960s and 70s challenged elite power, the government and corporations have been on the counterattack against ordinary people, to strengthen elite control of society. Government and business leaders have colluded to make good jobs scarce and decimate social programs like housing and unemployment insurance. They have priced health care out of the reach of 42 million Americans. They have stolen our retirement and left many to work into old age, while CEOs make off with hundreds of millions; all to make people more  insecure and controllable.

War with Iraq is an enormous diversion from these problems. Instead of fighting speed-up or lousy jobs or expensive health care, we are told to rally behind our Leader to fight the "axis of Evil." Instead of fighting corporate dictators, we're supposed to fight a petty thug 6,000 miles away.


In the last few years a world anti-capitalist movement has burst onto the stage, with general strikes in Italy and Spain, factory occupations and uprisings in Argentina, widespread strikes in Uruguay, historic labor upheavals in China, economic crisis in Brazil. Millions, perhaps billions worldwide, are convinced that capitalism holds no future for them.

War is the ultimate tool for whipping working people into line. When threatened by a rising international labor movement in the early 1900s, governments set worker against worker in WWI. When threatened with a revolutionary tide in the 1930s, governments brought us WWII. Now Bush threatens us with "endless war" against perhaps 60 countries.

This war is aimed at all working people, to divide and  intimidate us with U.S. military strength. In fact the strategy of endless war and the curtailment of American freedoms at home are signs of profound weakness by a ruling elite convinced that it cannot continue to rule without taking extreme measures.


The more they know the facts, the more people oppose this war. Our real enemies are not workers of other lands but dictators everywhere, including our own corporate dictators. Let's reach out and build a revolutionary movement of ordinary people everywhere to build a humane and democratic society.

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