Books and Articles by David Stratman Posted Before June 12, 2010

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Book: We CAN Change The World: The Real Meaning Of Everyday Life  (pdf)

Chapters (html)  from We CAN Change the World concerning Marxism:
        Hope and Revolution  Communism and Counterrevolution   From Marx to Lenin

Book: On the Public Agenda: Essays for Change (co-authored with John Spritzler)


How the Unions Killed the Working Class Movement

Fight to Win: A Strategy for Working People  (html) (.pdf

The Tragic Fate of the Delphi Struggle

"The U.S. As Fourth Reich"

"Useful Enemies"

"Inventing the Enemy"

"Beware the Liberal War on Terror"

"The Antiwar Movement Is Not Progressive -- And That's A Good Thing"

The Antiwar Movement Isnít Where You Think It Is

"The Triumph of Liberalism"

"Is It Really A 'War Against Terrorism?'"

"What Else Could He Have Done?"

"Talking to the Wrong People: Lessons of the DNC"

Interview of Dave Stratman (focusing on his article Inventing the Enemy)

"No To Politics, Yes To Mass Refusal"

"Why Is The US Bombing Yugoslavia

Has the UAW Been Duped?

What Will Come of the Delphi Struggle?  

Veterans of Labor Wars Found New Solidarity Organization 

The London Bombings and the Class War

"Why We Can Change The World"

Assassination by Government: An Exchange