"Out Of My Lawn"
April 13, 2004

I pledge not to vote, in fact i am 65 years old and have never voted!! I have been aware of what new democracy is saying since i was 18 years old. I knew we didn't live in a real democracy at that time already, so why should i vote it was bullshit and i knew it. I remember working out in my lawn back then when two ladies came up and asked me if i voted, i said no, they told me it was my god given right to vote. So i looked at them and said ladies if that is so then [not to vote is also my right]. So ladies please get the hell out of my lawn.

Steve Birch
Tiffin, OH


"Spoiling My Ballot"
April 18, 2004

I agree with your statement against voting, and would sign on to it
except for a technicality. I often prefer to spoil my ballots. I am a
citizen of the US and UK and can vote in both countries' elections (if I
could get Israeli citizenship, then I would have membership cards for
the three greatest terrorist organizations on the planet).

By spoiling my ballot, I entertain and maybe educate the election
officers counting the votes (in the UK at least, where counting is done
by hand).