Boston Marathon Bombings: Did You Know That...

by John Spritzler

April 23, 2013

Note: The following summarizes key points discussed more fully and documented here.

1. The video and related images cited by the FBI as evidence of the guilt of the two Chechen brother bombing suspects remains undisclosed to the public. The video and related images that the FBI has shared with the public merely show that the two suspects were present at the scene of the explosion wearing backpacks, as were many other people as well.

2. The Chechen brothers did not rob a 7-11 store, as originally announced. News media said that the MIT police officer was killed by a person who had just robbed the 7-11 store. News media have not reported any eyewitness to either of the Chechen brothers killing a police officer.

3. There are only two claims that either of the Chechen brothers admitted to being guilty. One such claim is news media assertions that the carjacking victim heard one of the brothers say he had done the marathon bombing, in other words a hearsay statement supposedly made by a person who, very curiously, remains unidentified by the news media despite the fact that the media have identified other eyewitnesses to events such as the Watertown shootout following the carjacking. The second such claim is news media assertions that the younger brother, with injuries to his throat that made it very difficult for him to talk, admitted to guilt, and gave other detailed answers, when asked about his and his brother's connection to other terrorists, from his hospital bed; these assertions appear, curiously, in articles that also report that the Chechen said only one word, "no" (in response to the question whether he could pay for his own lawyer) and that otherwise he only nodded in the affirmative to questions about whether he understood what was being said to him.

4. There is a screenshot of a facebook page appearing to belong to the younger Chechen, in which he wrote: "This will be the last message before the police get me. I never done it. They set me up. Father please forgive me. I am sorry it has come to this."

5. The FBI, during their press conference, pretended not to know who the suspects were, but it turns out the FBI had been interviewing and monitoring the elder Chechen brother for years, and assuredly knew the identity of the "suspect #1" at this time.

6. Both Chechen brothers behaved perfectly normally until the T.V. broadcast their images as the marathon bombers; until then they had engaged in no escape behavior whatsoever. The younger one was partying at his college and the older one was taking care of his toddler while his wife worked.

7. There has not been a single post 9/11 terrorist event in the United States prior to April 15, 2013, in which the culprits (would-be culprits, to be more precise) did not have a prior relationship with the FBI who provided them with the "bomb" or otherwise instigated a crime that the FBI "discovered just in the nick of time" to prevent. In 1993 the FBI allowed the World Trade Center bombing to occur.